Lightning Node


The Most Frequently Asked Questions Regarding The Lightning Node


Why go with the Lightning Node?

The Lightning Node is an Ethereum node built by our developers from the ground up on the latest GETH distribution.

This makes a significant difference, especially when the network is busy, maybe your favorite NFT project is dropping.

If another transaction gets submitted at the same time as yours on a normal node that is shared by thousands by MetaMask; you will not have to wait in line and your transaction will be sent to the blockchain first.

What is the installation process?

If you are ready to install the Lightning Node after you are granted access, head to Lightning Node Installation. The installation process of the Lightning Node is simple and stress-free. As stated before, if any questions or concerns, please refer to the Alpha Omega Discord.

Does the Lightning Node work for only mints or any form of transaction?

The Lightning Node supports all forms of transactions.