Lightning Node


Benchmarks are a great was to test the lightning quick speeds of the Lightning Node.

Benchmark Disclaimer

These benchmarks do not accurately represent the performance of a node, they represent the max throughput of a node under stress. With this being said these tests don't account for factors such as peers, the quality of peers, geographic location & dozens of other factors.


Below are the results of the industry standard versus tests.

If you have any technical questions regarding the Lightning Node, please open a support ticket in the Alpha Omega Discord.

0. ""

   Requests:   458.09 per second
   Timing:     0.1091s avg, 0.0356s min, 2.7930s max
               0.1732s standard deviation

     25% in 0.0544s
     50% in 0.0758s
     75% in 0.0927s
     90% in 0.1293s
     95% in 0.2954s
     99% in 0.9919s

   Errors: 0.00%

2. ""

   Requests:   159.37 per second
   Timing:     0.3137s avg, 0.0958s min, 2.3501s max
               0.2448s standard deviation

     25% in 0.1807s
     50% in 0.2462s
     75% in 0.3274s
     90% in 0.5683s
     95% in 0.8027s
     99% in 1.3803s

   Errors: 0.00%

** Summary for 3 endpoints:
   Completed:  5000 results with 15000 total requests
   Timing:     214.773472ms request avg, 32.721723726s total run time
   Errors:     2 (0.01%)
   Mismatched: 3265