Alpha Omega

Alpha Omega Group

An exclusive Alpha Group offering unrivalled knowledge, tools and sense of community for both its members & partners.

Our mission

The Start α

The Alpha Omega brand as we know it today was born on March 2022, the group was previously supposed to be called "whitelisters", and was supposed to be a whitelist marketplace! Fortunately, after reconsidering the business model, brand & execution, we decided to take the approach of making an Alpha Group and that's where Alpha Omega was born.

The Brand β

The Alpha Omega brand is something we've kept very personalized & close to heart. The entire alpha group is centered around a Greek mythological theme that we've managed to adopt into our community & utilities.

In the Greek alphabet, Alpha is the first letter & Omega is the last, it's a common saying that "From Alpha to Omega", means from the start to finish.

Our goal is to be the Alpha to Omega of Web3, we aim to cater for anyone's web3 needs that include community, software & alpha to even more in the future.

Alpha Omega aims to challenge the Status Quo and revolutionize what people expect from alpha groups & web3.

The Goals Γ

Alpha Omega's road map, is lengthy & increasing day by day. We plan to create a complete Lightning tool-kit, that will be the complete All in One solution, that'll include all the features from your favorite tools + extra.

Partnerships & Brand Identity are two topics we're working tirelessly to improve, and we will be affiliating ourselves with only the best of the best.

Our community is ultimately the largest priority. We will cater our creations to the opinion of the community, and take suggestions/complaints to heart, with everything we have created & will create.

Getting started