Never lose a mint again.

Gain the edge with the most advanced minting bot and node on the market.

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Alpha Omega

Getting started

Lightning Node

Step-by-step guides to setting up your system and installing the library.

Lightning Mint

Learn how the internals work and contribute.

Alpha Omega

Alpha Omega's team consists of five extremely skilled developers, with a very wide experience in all sorts of SaaS businesses. The development team strives to create the ultimate product, and is always on standby for support.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is something we keep very close to mind. Our users are valued members of our community and will always be treated properly.


Partners of Alpha Omega, and users of the Lightning Toolkit, will have access to the same support as the core members of Alpha Omega. If you have a suggestion, question or are facing any issue please open a ticket in the Alpha Omega Discord.